Hey guys! 

We promised something BIG, and we've moved into it!  LowTide Longboards is now mobile--we spent the last year renovating a 25 year old Toyota Motorhome and we are now living, traveling, AND working full-time on the road. 

We wanted the ability to travel while still making these rad decks for you guys, so we figured what better way to do that then be on the road and in any new city at any whim!  If you are interested in meeting us and following when and where we are in new states or cities give our other page @SlowCarFastHome a follow on Instagram.  We plan on attending markets, events, and festivals all over the country to bring LowTide decks nationwide.

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A post shared by Slow Car Fast Home  (@slowcarfasthome) on

Thank you for all the support from all of you and we cant wait to see where 2018 brings us!

--Danielle & Tommy