About LowTide

Hi! We are Tommy & Danielle, or you might know us as LowTide Longboards!

Sometimes, good ideas happen by accident when you're just messing around in your dads workshop.  LowTide was one of those good ideas.  

Tommy's dad, Mark, makes amazing adirondack chairs with these beautiful tropical cutouts in the backs of the chairs, and we couldn't help but wonder if the idea could work with a skateboard. So, with a little help from Mark showing us his woodworking ways, friends supporting our new business venture, and all of our loyal followers on Instagram, we have been able to grow substantially and produce some amazing boards.

LowTide started in Wilmington, NC and then shortly after moved to Denver, CO.  We spent two years in Denver, making custom Colorado themed boards for a local shop, and also began vending at local events to really get the chance to spread the word face-to-face with our customers.

We have moved yet again, but plan to be VERY mobile for an extended amount of time, so LowTide may be in a city near you soon!  If you are interested in what is coming next check out @SlowCarFastHome on Instagram!

We have some big things happening within the next few months and we can't wait to share, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram @LowTideLongboards 

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